About 3 million served in Vietnam during war

Published 8:45 am Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An American Press article said that 500,000 people served in Vietnam. Is that correct? I thought almost 3 million served in a rotation.

You’re right, the article was wrong.

U.S. Defense Manpower Data Center figures show that 3.4 million men and women were deployed to Southeast Asia between August 1964 and January 1973 — with 2.6 million of them serving in Vietnam.

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From Nov. 1, 1955, through May 15, 1975, 58,220 service members died in the war, according to the DMDC. The breakdown by service: Army, 38,224; Air Force, 2,586; Marines, 14,844; and Navy, 2,566.

Vietnam War casualty statistics from the DMDC:

Killed in action — 40,934 total; Army, 27,047; Air Force, 1,080; Marines, 11,501; and Navy, 1,306.

Died of wounds — 5,299 total; Army, 3,610; Air Force, 51; Marines, 1,486; and Navy, 152.

Missing in action and declared dead — 1,085 total; Army, 261, Air Force, 589; Marines, 98; and Navy, 137.

Captured and declared dead — 116 total; Army, 45; Air Force, 25; Marines, 10; and Navy, 36.

Hostile deaths — 47,434 total; Army, 30,963; Air Force, 1,745; Marines, 13,095; and Navy, 1,631.

Missing and presumed dead — 123 total; Army, 118; Air Force, 0; Marines, 3; and Navy, 2.

Other deaths — 10,663 total; Army, 7,143; Air Force, 841; Marines, 1,746; and Navy, 933.

KIA, no remains — 575 total; Army, 173; Air Force, 206; Marines, 102; and Navy, 94.

MIA, declared dead, no remains — 691 total; Army, 201; Air Force, 339; Marines, 74; and Navy, 77.

No remains — 1,741 total; Army, 561; Air Force, 582; Marines, 219; and Navy, 379.

Service members in Southeast Asia — 3,403,000 total; Army, 2,276,000; Air Force, 385,000; Marines, 513,000; and Navy, 229,000.

Service members in South Vietnam — 2,594,000 total; Army, 1,736,000; Air Force, 293,000; Marines, 391,000; and Navy, 174,000.

The number of U.S. service members in Vietnam peaked in spring 1969 at 543,000.

The number of people who served in the military during other U.S. wars, according to the DMDC:

Revolutionary War — 184,000-250,000.

War of 1812 — 286,730.

Mexican War — 78,718.

Civil War — Union, 2,213,363; Confederacy, 600,000-1,500,000.

Spanish-American War — 306,760.

World War I — 4,734,991.

World War II — 16,112,566.

Korean War — 5,720,000.

Gulf War — 2,225,000.

Online: www.dmdc.osd.mil/dcas.

DOTD to conduct follow-up on La. 108

Here it is four months later and car lots are still on state right of ways with their flags and their banners still flying on La. 108 in Sulphur. They’ve been there over a year. Can DOTD issue citations for this violation? Someone isn’t doing their job.

Deidra Druilhet, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation and Development, said crews will do a follow-up inspection this week.

“If one or more encroachments are found to exist at the time of our inspection that have no apparent value, such as flags and banners, they will be immediately removed or disposed if they can be easily accessed and removed,” she wrote in an email.

“If encroachment items of significant value are found during our inspection, a certified letter will be sent to the responsible party advising them that five days will be allotted for the removal of the encroachments.”

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